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The dog\’s mind is more powerful than many humans think. The dog\’s mind is very intuitive yet complex. We often want to believe we \”know\” what the dog is thinking and will say so out loud. We also often humanize the dog which is often a big mistake. Maintaining an environment of Love and Respect are key. Humane and effective training with healthy habits are key to healthy relationship.


Know your dog\’s body. Every breed has a specific body structure, metabolism and exercise requirements. The dog\’s nose is one of the most powerful odor recognition tools on the planet. The ears can hear a field mouse a 100 yards away. The skin and coat are designed to keep the dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The dog does not sweat or have tear ducts. Knowing the complexities of your dogs body will help keep him/her healthy and both of you out of the veterinarian\’s office.


The dog nutrition industry is full of misinformation and mostly misunderstood by many veterinarians and dog professionals. It is often said in the dog industry, \”if you want to learn about dog nutrition, don\’t ask a veterinarian.\” The Dog Health Network will provide you with the leading dog nutritionist in world to help sort out this very confusing subject.

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The Dog Health Network is independently owned and not under the restrictions of a corporate sponsor. So we are here to only give you the most reliable information in regard to you and your dog. On this Network we will bring you experts in all aspects of the industry. We will talk frankly with pet food companies; veterinarians; and equipment companies. Our job will be to help you sort out the fact from fiction.

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Andy Falco Jimenez
Dog Training and Behavior Expert
Over 30 years of experience training police dogs, detection dogs and pet dogs. The owner of Falco K9 Academy has trained dogs for Disneyland, major corporations, the movie industry and hundreds of law enforcement agencies throughout the world.


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