Our mission is simple:

Dogs don’t get a choice as to who their owner is. We want to make sure the dog’s owner has the best information to know exactly what is best for THEIR┬ádog… Mind, Body and Bowl.

As a network of dog professionals we will always strive to be true to our mission. This includes training with Love and Respect and caring for the dog’s body and nutritional needs. We know, just like everything else, there are trends and changes in the industry. We believe that one of our jobs is to cut through the misinformation (and frankly the BS) to find the truth.

Founder of The Healthy Dog Network

Andy Falco Jimenez

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2 thoughts on “Mission

  • Hey Andy: I thought there was HUGE value in your webinar! You mentioned joining, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that? And I am now so curious about the mechanics of doing webinars vs doing the health summit format where you get to view all the content for free for 24 hours and then you can buy it. Those are all pre-recorded and of course seem more perfectly canned and slick. Congrats on a great webinar!

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